Project Description

Countertop LED Makeup Mirrors

The Koshine countertop LED makeup mirror is a double-sided mirror with magnifying. Because of elegant design, the metal finish has the sand nickel, polished chrome and so on,  so that the vanity mirrors can complement any room in need of a modern style. At the same time, the vanity mirror also features built-in LED lights and a 3X magnification mirror, and its mirror angle can adjust freely, so this lighted makeup mirror with magnification can meet the requirements of light and sharpness for makeup.

  • Freestanding and side to side swivel
  • Two-color light sources available of natural light and white light
  • The power supply has 4 section AAA battery and plug-in power supply
  • Dual faces mirror with 1X HD mirror and 3X HD magnification
  • Metal finish has brushed nickel or polished chrome finish
LED vanity mirror-homeLED lighted Vanity mirror-ZQG-TLED7ZG
LED lighted vanity mirror-GFJ-TLED9.5CRLED vanity mirror-ZJ-home
LED lighted vanity mirror-YY-TLED8SN-BLED lighted vanity mirror-FJ-T7LEDMG