Project Description

Wall Mirror with Lights

Wall Mirror with Lights can install in the bathroom, walk-in closet,  hallway, in an office setting, hair salon, and restaurant or retail store. The elegant led wall mirror can be the perfect decoration

Design OptionsTechnology OptionsFunctionality Options
  • Custom frame,
  • Custom etching design,
  • Additional ambient lighting,
  • Light diffuser
  • Dimmable lighting,
  • Digital Clock,
  • LED nightlight,
  • Mirror defogger
  • Fingerprint protection coating,
  • Tamper-free security hardware,
  • Safety mirror backing
Standard SizeDimensionsLED Technical Parameter
30″ w x 36″ h
36″ w x 36″ h
42″ w x 36″ h
48″ w x 36″ h
54″ w x 36″ h
• Glass thickness: 1/4″
• Standard overall depth: 2″
• LEDs are UL listed, CE certified, RoHS certified
• High brightness via tube-free dual-layer LEDs
• Neutral light color temperature 3000K
• Mercury free
• 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index)
• Smart long-term energy and maintenance savings
• Even light distribution with no size or shape
Bedroom wall mirrors-4

The wall mirror with lights is made of explosion-proof tempered glass

Explosion-proof tempered glass

Common glass

Anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment of  on the back of  LED wall mirrors

LED bathroom mirror-HD silver

Custom Led strip makes the mirror low energy consumption, long life

White Color Temperature:5800K-6000K

Warm Color Temperature:5800K-6000K