As a visitor

Below information is processed during the time you surf on one of our web-based services. This in order to give you a personalized experience.

What we save:

1. Device information, IP address, Browser settings
2. Cookies (read more about our cookie policy here:

– Sessions cookies, temporary cookie that is deleted when you close your browser or device.
– Permanent cookies, cookies that remain on your computer until you remove them or they expire.
– First party cookies – set by LEDKSHINE.COM.
– Third party cookies – set by third party.

Examples of why we collect it:

1. For your and our safety.
2. To see the response time of the web page and possible system errors.
3. In order to customize the service and for you to get an optimal customer experience on your device.
4. To keep track of the products you have in your shopping cart.
5. For statistical analyzes in eg. Google Analytics.

When you shop

To fulfill our agreement with our customer, we treat below information when you shop with us.

What we save:

1. Your current IP address
2. Name and address information
3. Phone and Email
4. Any email correspondence with our customer service.
5. Personal identification number/organization number for invoice purchases
6. Order and purchase history.

Why we save it:

1. To prevent fraud and identity piracy.
2. To administer your order.
3. To send notifications regarding your delivery.
4. In order to offer you a better service when you contact us.
5. To comply with lawful consumer and legal obligations related to accounting.
6. To handle returns and complaints.
7. To handle support and questions about your previous orders.
8. In order to manage your account.
9. In order to send attractive offers and information to you.
10. In order for us to give you a more personal response and tailored service.
11. For that you can see your purchase history on your account you created.

How long will your data be saved?

Your data is saved as long as the purpose requires it. In some cases, there are statutory requirements to save data for a certain period of time, such as for bookkeeping. In other cases, we save the data as long as we need them, for example, to help you with complaints and guarantees and replacements.

LEDKSHINE.COM can not be held responsible for any loss of any kind that may arise from the use of our site due to intrusion into our system or other malfunctions for which we are not responsible. You therefore leave your personal information at your own risk. We recommend that you always protect yourself and your personal information by shutting down your browser after use, installing antivirus software and continuously updating your software.

Who can access your personal information?

LEDKSHINE.COM collaborates and purchases services from other companies and your data may therefore be handled by them. We take the necessary technical, legal and organizational measures to secure your personal information. We strive to never share more personal information than absolutely necessary with each partner.


To handle your payment, LEDKSHINE.COM cooperates with companies specializing in payment solutions including: Klarna, ePay and Swish trade.


In order to handle deliveries, personal data, name, address and phone number are sent to logistics management system to obtain address labels and to the carrier’s system. Eg. Postnord, Unifaun Online, DHL and UPS.


Newsletters are sent to the e-mail address that you registered when ordering or registering for newsletters.

Your rights

You are entitled to find out which of your personal data is processed by LEDKSHINE.COM. You also have the right to receive your personal information as we process corrected. In cases where LEDKSHINE.COM does not require the information to comply with legal requirements, you are entitled to have your personal information that we treat deleted.

Storage of personal data

We take appropriate precautions to ensure that your personal information is handled in accordance with applicable law regarding security and privacy. The same requirements apply to our subcontractors.

We use military and industry standards to safely store, treat and communicate sensitive information such as personal information and passwords. For example, SSL/TLS, Pbkdf2, PGP, and one-way hash algorithms.

The protection is implemented with systematic, organizational and technical measures to ensure integrity, confidentiality and accessibility.


LEDKSHINE.COM reserves the right to change this privacy policy. Any changes will be posted on our website.

You can contact personal data administrators by sending emailing: [email protected]